into the void

marfa, texas. march 2008

this is in the chinati foundation -- the copper cylinder a sculpture from an icelandic artist i believe? before we walked into this almost-empty building, we were told only 5 people max should enter at one time. i thought maybe to preserve the sculpture better, but it was mostly so that the fewest people could experience the space. this grabbed me. in a space with so much space, the artist wanted the biggest void for the viewer to soak in a simple yet divine piece. we as americans have this huge tendency to fill out spaces to a ridiculous amount -- its like a room could never just be a room, the character of the walls and the bare floor arent the focus because of your china set, your tv set, portraits of people you have never met...

i would like to see every person as a room, one solitary space enveloped in 4 walls. itd be cluttered with baggage, im guessing, but perhaps one or two would just be glad to just be... a simple room.