havent been round these parts

today i was at a red light, windows rolled down
i was coming from petting some out-of-town friends' cats--
still allergic, but it doesnt matter anymore. im a changed woman. liking cats is like learning a new language for me.

so there i am, driving home from a house full of felines...
waiting for the light...
thinking of a guy who fell to his death.
fleet foxes playing on KUT, turned up
squeaking, squeaking,

and the guy in the truck behind me gets out of his car. i think hes about to come say something to me-- was there something wrong with my tail light? dunno. i hear this squeaking. shrill. bitter. squeaking-- almost mechanical sounding. i see that the guy isnt walking over to my car... he goes to the other lanes of opposite traffic-- they, too, at a stop. we're talking busiest road in san marcos texas-- not 5-lane super highway, but this hot, dripping time of day is when everyone uses this one particular road. this guy-- within seconds-- he picks up a squealing, pint-sized baby kitten. i come to my senses and realize the squeaking sounds werent mechanical at all. it was a newborn animal screaming at all of us-- selfish, dazed and zoning out on the hot pavement, waiting for green. the man and i make eye contact and he half smiles and runs to his truck. the light turns green. i give the biggest thumbs up to him out of my window. i then look in my rear view to see the guy clenching the kitty tight to his chest. we hit the gas, almost simultaneously, and i look to my left at the lane that was now swallowed by accelerating tires, careless and hurrying. this man. he made a decision within a moment to get out and save this kitten. what a coincidental, subtle series of events. damn.

in other words, unrelated or not...

for john fox.

frances fishpaw.

flat top haircut.


dylan is rapping, i swear.

i have found my 1990 video-ee match.

Three Minutes of Nine Year Old Me: 08/03/91 from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.

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