way over yonder in the minor key

aint nobody that could sing like me

i dreamt about a city last night,
a mix between venice and chicago,
with blue lights glittering on a river or a lake,
whichever shape the water was, i dont remember.

i became cleansed in this water and spoke with an accent
and on a boat we went to a piazza i felt so familiar with.
we arrived at night, and i left around the blue hour
to sleep in my czech car.

then more of waterslides and tubes, a mazed enigma i took alone
and i joined the old color guard and wept when i knew i couldnt dance anymore.


sea kings

i am fascinated and utterly terrified of deep water
after swimming 25 feet below to touch a sunken ship in mexico
and not liking the pressure i felt in my lungs,
i dont think i should try the self contained underwater breathing apparatus
especially if one scubas depths far further than that ship
but at the same time, my middle name is 'sea legs' and my armies are landlocked.

i taught swimming lessons for seven years of my life
whilst lifeguard training when the red speedos blow the whistle
and youre supposed to dive in twelve feet to retrieve the dreaded brick
i almost drowned
because of how deep twelve feet felt
and i practically signed this sick contract to myself stating,
if ever a victim is twelve feet down, im signaling to my right hand man to jump

the giant squid feels like a god to me
and i want to know more.

the statolith in squids are like trees' rings that tell of their age,
yet the real purpose of this tiny tiny sliver of flesh when dissected is like the human inner ear,
providing equilibrium underwater
even squids need to know which way is up

we know as much about the earth's oceans as we do about space.
the king of the underworld bows and winks his one huge eye
and we all wonder where the aliens reside

even a squid needs to know which way is up.
god, i gotta write that one down