kids these days

so this is what the kids are listening to these days?

so now the stuff i was listening to at their age is now on the verge of being oldies... just SAYING:

no words.


on the cusp

this is just to say...

you and i, we got our feelers out.

looking back, thinking, man, who was i a month, 2, 5 years ago? that wasnt me. im CHANGED. im a new woman! the product placement with the labels facing outward on the end cap at the walgreens TELLS ME SO! i used to wear hot pinks and, what the hell, blue mascara? jesus. no way, i am in a new state now. its red lipstick. its "growned-up bangs" for the magazine aisle tells me so, i am a changed woman.

........a bit of a sarcastic breeze there, but shit. its easy to look back and think, man how ive changed since then. think of what i used to LISTEN TO! i can barely allow my lover to listen to the mixed cd's i made in 2004. but... now, i am approaching something different, a shift in the winds. i feel in the middle of a cusp, in the elbow of change. ive never been this aware of my thoughts and friends and lifestyle shifting on me. i can feel the plates underneath shifting... for lack of a better term at this very moment in the world.

ah finish your booze and go to bed, continue this drivelinthemoorrrrrning.

ill stop my words and press on my feelers, fully out and probing, with the first thing i cried to today:

Finding Emilie, a Radiolab story.

au revoir e buongiorno, new beginnings!


REWOUND : a night directed by Kellen Stanley

Solo show at TRANSIT: A cooperative for emerging artists (San Antonio TX)
Opening performance : WED 3/23, 7pm
Closing performances : FRI 3/25 & SAT 3/26, 8pm

show infos HERE, yall.