the marnie tape

A week til showtime, ladies and gents. Any of you wanting to know more about this performance, feel free to look around this here blog.

The Marnie Tape, directed and written by yours truly, is a take on memory and the distortion that occurs when a recollection is played back. I have the absolute pleasure to introduce Kayce Kuntz and Marci Blackwell as my actors-- they are both new to the Texas State theater department and are such a fantastic group of talent to work with. The musicians, whom are all three very close people in my life and have been a part of this project since the beginning, are Jessica Quazi, Barry Walker, and Faith Delphi. I am extremely fortunate to have the good energy and talents of everyone involved in this performance. It's my undergraduate thesis for my honors research and my photography and sculpture degree, led by my thesis professors John Hood, Ben Ruggiero, Jason Reed, and Roger Colombik.

A little info for the two performance dates:

MONDAY DEC 6th - we'll be showing at the JC Mitte Art Building at Texas State University. This is during the art thesis opening of Denouement, which opens in Gallery I & II at 5pm. Have your ears peeled for an usher of some sorts because we will not be performing in the galleries. There will be three performances back to back, so feel free to see it once or twice or thrice if you'd like. Don't forget to snoop around the galleries too.

SATURDAY DEC 11th - we'll be showing in the theater studio blackbox on the second night of the Nice or Nasty, Big or Little play festival. The plays are all works of Jeremy Torres' directing II class. NOTE the limited seating for this evening, so show up early if you're coming. It begins at 6, and we go on last... so I'm guessing... 8:30ish?

and if you are interested, I will show my artist presentation at the 2010 Undergraduate Research Conference on THIS THURSDAY December 2nd at 10:30 am-- this is being held at the Texas State University LBJ Student Center Ballroom.

any questions feel free to email me at kellenstanley@gmail.com, y'all!


the island five

if you were stuck on an island, what five albums could keep you company if you could choose?

i got inspired to do this from an npr article... and to be completely honest, its nice to digress from all the poster-designing, play-rehearsing, set-designing, cardboard-cutting, costume-sewing, cocktail-waitressing life that envelopes me now. music always provides the cool calm for me. ayurvedic vibrations? yes please.

I'm taking a different angle for this list-- it's not my top five picks like I've tried to mimic High Fidelity in the past years. It's not my new favorites, or my "always favorites" or "albums I could never put down...." Moreso, it's a list of albums that are front-to-back amazing, and could be listened to over and over to dig deeper with each listen.
in no particular order, here are my five picks:

ONE: Stereolab, Sound Dust

TWO: Charles Mingus, The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

THREE: The Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs
(this seems so obvious to me... I don't think there's a better album that in full speaks of all dimensions of life's love. What perfect tunes for my island!)

FOUR: Stevie Wonder, Innervisions

FIVE: Some sort of compilation that has 60s and 70s black women soul singers. Musicians I wouldn't know about unless I lived in Harlem back in the day-- women who have fallen through the cracks throughout the years. Someone help me find this compilation! For example, my love for early Millie Jackson...


marnie slides

"this is a long story... if you need to rest, just lay down."

the scanner reads

some scans of the weeks passed and the weeks ahead,
though i keep having to remind myself to live in this moment
ya never gonna bog me down

the VHS sleeve where the marnie tape resides...
(a post-it still attached with my 5th-grade-handwriting of people i want to invite to my birthday)

i love my dad's handwriting so much

first pages of the script-- with musical, director's, and babbling notes included

hey, thanks, notes on directing.

my later install mockup, inspired by a dream. the dream told me everything my aesthetic choices needed to hear

rehearsal notes of this week

without those notes and this planner, this thing would never get done



one month away, yall!
my performance at the Art Building opening is still December 6th but will be running multiple times that day. More specific times TBA.



mock up draw'rings, part uno

installation inspiration!
and THIS!