book number one : faith.

thesis one brought me to a few, shall i shay, chapters in my work...
nah, i can't get away with that pun. there's no way

im making these books of certain memories,
the first memory being when i first met one of my best friends, faith.
through the process alone, i found a lot of technical issues to hurdle in the next books. and i was experimenting with papers to screenprint on and print inkjet images on... so a lot needs to be streamlined. BUT, nevertheless its bringing me to new heights, and that in itself is exciting.

coptic binding stitch represent!

it kinda doesnt close...

yeah... so its coming along. the shapes of each book will be lifted from actual iso lines of topography. this book got its shape from a close location to the actual memory-- right outside devil's backbone. its really nice to be making sculptural books that actually bind together my interdisciplinary, growing interests in photography, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, playwriting, audio production and geography. the list is always growing, and somehow at the end of the semester, im okay with that.


Let them eat cake.

these are stills from my "Let them eat cake." performance piece. it started from a dream i had before waking about me making a mountain of cakes... then it went into a sculpture assignment loosely based on the story of jacob's ladder. i basically set up some bossa nova tunes and served an audience slices of cake, only the top tier of cake was super delicious chocolate with coconut frosting and flowers on top.. the middle tier was plain jane vanilla icing on yellow cake, and the bottom was disgusting soy-sauce-pickle-juice-salty-cayenne-peppery brown and red frosted masterpiece, which i served most of the audience a slice of. only a few got the middle cake, and i think one person and myself got to eat on the delicious top tiered cake. i love that the cake tipped over and made a huge mess. plus i love the murder shots at the end-- i feel like i killed something.

look ma, my thumbs are dipping into more pies (and cakes, really)

pictures shot by miss lovely Brit Barton