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new abstract.

In this life, we as human beings cling to our memories for documentation of existence. In the past two years, I've been working with a certain childhood memory captured on videotape. I refer to this specific tape as 'the Marnie video;' it acts as a remnant of my four-year old self in front of a technology capturing a storytelling performance. I long to have this memory play in front of me, without a television, mirroring the Samuel Beckett play, Krapp's Last Tape. Krapp yearns to hear the playback of voice recordings telling of his past, but tragically he can never physically go back into the memory. Beckett's comment on remembrance informs my approach of performance and theater as the main outlet of this thesis. Rehearsing with collaborating actors and musicians will bring me to the process that physically reconnects to this memory. I propose to create a sensory experience that triggers nostalgia in everyone involved, specifically channeling my childhood memory of the Marnie video as the main space of this performance.


happy birth weekend

i dont talk much,
do i?
i never used to when i was a kid
i never thought anyone cared about what i had to say

and now i embark on my thesis involving this memory of my first monologue
the first time i really opened up in front of the camera...
it is surreal.

the first read-thru of the play was two hours ago..
this is really going to happen to me.
we are actually going to make this happen
it is just surreal.

and now i am on the 24 hour cusp of twenty three years old and twenty four...
i feel so much older, so much wiser, and i think
man, how will my brain look like in 20 years judging this first half of my two decades breathing
i think i will read more books
i think i will be more articulate
i hope i will wake up faster, sans the snooze
and not drink as much booze
i hope in a year from this date, ill be looking east or west
or south, or
somewhere we can go together.
i can see in five, ill be alright
maybe health-insurance-less but nevertheless on the corner of a decade older
a little more wiser, and yet

i cant relate to the ones who have it all figured out
constantly balancing and breathing,
here i am, saying goodbye to the year twenty three.
its been a good one
i cant wait to share what ive been up to

PERFORMANCE DATES for all yall wanting to know:
december sixth at 5:00 pm -- the gallery opening at JC Mitte art building... and my performance will follow around 7pm
december eleventh at 7:00 pm -- the black box studio in the theater building, combined with three other plays before me

this is really happening