lucid dreaming is a hobby id like to get more into.
i woke myself out of a nightmare last night,
as puffy -puff-daddy-p-diddy-sean-combs and the pyramid of his puffed parkas threw deathly darts towards emily killough and my direction,
i dodged them like keanu in that long leather jacket, and i could actually imagine the pain that i would feel had i thrown my hips to the right an inch
as emily and i turned into versions of human dart boards,
i woke myself up.
as i told myself to change reels and find a different dream,
the darts' trajectories swarmed in my bedroom like flies
ziggy was unflinching under the covers, so i knew the swarm of biting bees werent real
and i switched the reel
to dreaming of dartless warehouses and skinny hallways

on a note upon waking life,
a brother of mine responded to one of my previous entries about the giant squid, and i thought id document it.
apparently, when you are learning to fly a plane, the squid's statolith applies.
some pilots have been in situations in the air when heavy fog blankets them and they cannot even tell themselves which way is up, much less north or south.
as the plane's nose gets higher, their stomach feels exponentially queasy,
and not knowing that the plane is upside down because of the fog,
the pilot goes higher and higher to try to equally balance, but as their inner ear speaks to them with dizziness, the plane collides belly-up to the ground below, rather than the wings melting off icarus' addiction to flying higher.



currently listening :
"nothing ever happened" deerhunter
"buildings and mountains" the republic tigers
"little bit" lykke li
"im 9 today" múm
calexico: the black light album, on vinyl

currently looking :
the mind-blowing wood forms of ursula von rydingsvard
the video performance of kate gilmore
researching more on brain scans of memory and dreams
synecdoche, new york. best film of the year

currently tasting :
masaman curry from thai thai -- only because i miss jess way too much
a round of chocolate cakes @ restless wind (no really, its no shot of bourbon, but ridiculous good)
craving avocados (the usual) and needing to finally buy groceries

currently smelling :
like someone when i come home
crisp, clean november air on a walk at prospect park with zig today
bonfire cravings in the air, as well
as tofurkey thanksgiving dinner and grandmommys leftover gumbo

currently feeling :