this is just to say

the blind woman sat by her lonesome on the outskirts of the gathered people on the lawn. it was river hour on a monday, and i tried to get a wink of sun for the bridesmaid dress this weekend, but the SPF 15 was making it no use. the blind woman didnt have a swimsuit on, infact long sleeved and lacking sunglasses. stinky the dog stepped into some gum, and i noticed she was listening to julie and i talking and getting the gum off the pup's paw. i watched her listening to me, and i wondered if she knew i was observing her in all that solitude. she couldnt see julie's sleeved tattoos. she couldnt tell i had the new calvino novel in my striped bag and that, even though im sure she assumed it, i wasnt drinking any booze. i wondered in that moment if i were blinded which spot in town would be my favorite to listen to. sitting in the living room of wake the dead, hearing philosophical questions being thrown around as the cafe au laits got colder? or would it be sitting by the square, listening to the drunken youth stumble to their cars at the bar closing hour?

i wanted to talk to her, but didnt want to startle anyone.