beating the heat

as we rode and rode and rode
down the vacant streets of san antone
i looked over to my right and in my hindsight!
the alamo!
we howled those words every texan knows
and crossed the interstate to st. mary's

set my bike down.
put some neil diamond on that familiar but new jukebox.
im shootin' tequila and nursing warm lonestars,
and i wonder
and then shake
im paranoid as hell
and need another...

i hide and hide and hide
and am still falling, falling
as im beached and dragged into the sand
dissect this statolith
and count the rings
for im almost twenty three
im looking up to the cold fronts coming in the next few months,
swirling their rain showers and wintry mixes.
im looking forward to wearing scarves for a reason again,
and to his calm embrace tugging tighter