getting, holding

el calle?

that spanish verbiage is wearing thin.
im holding on to the morsels in my semi-conjugating self
im terrified ill never go.

getting wasted off the things we used to be
getting drunk off sticky bar mats
getting lost and losing

the soundtrack of these days have been appropriately synced up with the walkmen's "on the water."
the reverb bounces in the walls of my head
verb, verb, verb
oh you know ill never leave you and thats just how it is
OHHHHHH the static

i hold tightly
i kiss lightly
but the road, the road
el calle no esta aqui, y
yo no se hablar el palabra "end"


i am everywhere

the year of two thousand and nine,
and already i feel like i could stretch out two thousand and nine more miles
we crossed the border of the panhandle, and north we rode
time stood still in a small town in colorado where
the owner filled us up and
offered me stained water he called "free coffee" and
reminded us with hand-painted signs that our credit tabs were due
on the fifteenth and first.

we got to denver in a heartbeat,
and we batted our eyelashes at the town.
4 new friends and a new boyfriend, away we went
into the depths of the public transit and rocks.

ive crossed new mexico, arizona, rode on highway one up california
i drove us into oregon to the beach and to washington on skinny bridges
we stopped in arkansas to eat barbeque sandwiches and kentucky to have a liter of beer
ohio was fantastic,
their bowling alleys open,
my brothers and i estatic.

i woke up in kansas at 4 am to daniel saying,
"LOOK! theres a billboard with jesus in a wheatfield!"
and i wondered what itd be like to die on a highway

besides the state i reside,
ive been to eleven states this year
lets go eleven more before twenty ten