twenty ideas for thesis one.

1. paper sculptures out of layered photographs and screenprints on mylar -- stalagtite-forms, involves screenprints of maps and location, strata and topography. could be possibly binded like a book

2. locations where ive lived -- make videos of each, including the land and the location on maps. Lubbock, Hurst, North Richland Hills, San Marcos -- videos can refer to memories but mostly talks about the land

3. re-create memories by the use of video. i could act out stories like they are remembered in my head

4. drawings of mind maps and word associations-- maybe these drawings can turn into a room filled with objects and installations of a certain memory associated with a word

5. set building, labyrinthine, like a maze or a haunted house. id design a room for people to go in, but the design is like a mind map or involves scaling topography

6. audio recordings of the everyday. making audio collages to go with certain memories-- the recordings involve things like the river, a conversation at a coffee shop, waking up and taking my dog out, bike rides, motorcycle day trips, et. cet

7. making fictional characters' costumes and dressing myself in them to photograph certain self-portraits. this could involve certain outfits that point to my childhood like-- monsters under my bed, the monster under the staircase in our old lakehouse, fire outside my window-- things i used to be afraid of

8. looking at photographs from my childhood and re-creating them by making a tableau and dressing like the character... popsi in one of his hats and suits carrying cinderblocks is my favorite photo of him. perhaps i can wear one of his hats and dress up like him with cinderblocks and re-create the memory that way?

9. involving places outside the gallery to project on, or make some sort of public art. the handicap ramps near alkek would be really cool to see some sort of installation that you can walk on but also see it from the top floor windows of alkek looking down.

10. somehow use my video of me talking when i was 5 or 6 and make it into a huge production. i could try to memorize the entire speech and video record it like a monolouge. i could also try to tell a story that i would say 20 years later... maybe work in a timeline and tell stories as though i were a 5 year old, 15 year old, and 23 year old? one single light source on me, like a stage monolog

11. printing photographs on fabric again and making soft sculptures

12. printing stills of video onto fabric and sewing them together in a tapestry of film stills

13. making fake records! use a song that triggers a certain memory and make a record cover / cd artwork / 8-track sticker / mix tape label that pertains to that memory. lets say that one beach boys album reminds me of my dad singing in the car during a road trip at sunrise-- i could make a beach boys album cover of a re-created photo of me dressing up as dad in a car singing at sunrise!

14. find out if there are maps for strata -- like topography of a certain specific landscape, only its what the land looks like underground. i could use the strata-maps to recreate location that isnt seen, like the rocks we are constantly on but are shifting underneath and constantly being shaped without us knowing

15. photographs printed on mylar that are layers of a certain memory-- printed out huge (6' or bigger) and hung from the ceiling so that you can walk in between one memory (a photographic interpretation) and the next and see the layers merge

16. using a slide projector to "photo-dj" -- i could make an audio clip of a sampled song and use recordings of the everyday to recreate a memory that would normally be lost... with this audio clip, i could take slides and make a projection where, choreographed with the music, the photos are changing in the projector as the music changes. the photographs could just be colors or out-of-focus photos of the everyday to reference a certain mood, or they could be cerebral

17. direct a play of different women reciting monologs of their first memory

18. Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape -- involve recordings like Krapp did on every birthday.. for instance, I could record what I was thinking the moment I woke up, every day, for the next 2 months. THEN afterwards I can make an audio collage of that or something of the sort. ALSO i could, with recording, take a photo of myself every morning at whatever location im at

19. design costumes and sets for "inside my brain"-- the production is kind of like Isabello Rossellini's green pornos... I'll make the sets out of paper and fabric and they can move like stage sets, and i dress up in home-made costumes and could have lessons on which part of the brain im at, and i could involve lights lighting up like memory cells -- brain scans

20. make books (homemade, hand stitched and bound) pertaining to certain memories. MAYBE i could make 23 books -- each book refers to every year of my life, and what i remember being 2... being 12... et cet. it could be interesting to see how the books blur into eachother and what is written may not be an actual memory of that year