id collect everything if i could

get you some, austinite art! i woke up today with a morning cup of joe and saw the boys of okay mountain on fecal face. check this out-- they are exploding. PLUS!! texas state's gallery is shown at the bottom of the article since, heeeey, okay mountain just installed their show in january at our campus. keep up the good work, mary mikel stump and REPRESENT.

ive been shooting film these days, so you'll see some chunks of photos uploaded once everythings scanned in. we've been having a great sprwinter here in san marcos-- hold the phone, its actually snowing today. and by snow, we do mean huge flakes that melt on the ground but hey, its good to us. i was having this daydream today of how, when we were little and went to new mexico in the winter every year, my mom would have us gather some fresh snow outside our condo and she'd add vanilla extract and mint leaves and milk. we'd have a snow ice cream social with the clue game board and mel gibson VHS tapes near. the wintertime is my absolute fave.

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the swedish band The Knife are up to ALL good-- this is a clip from the opera they are composing about Darwin. this is such a huge inspiration for my work, especially my moving towards theater and sound

a zine called One Nil by peter willis -- god i cant wait for the world cup this summer

toby reid and nigel peake, i agree.

isabella rossellini is my girl

screaming jay hawkins is my main man

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stream of consciousness

Laaaadies annnnnnd gentlemen,
The works of myself and Topher Sipes-- my beloved friend, roommate, and Cloudjuicer-- will be up at the local Jo on the Go coffee shop for the month of February! We're pretty excited.

Toph in the golden nook

Me on the golden couch

Topher and I have been drawn (no pun intended!) to eachother's work, yogic styles, and brains since the day we met in downward dog. The one thing I noticed immediately about Topher is how often (and obsessively) he draws in his sketchbook. It's no surprise that his woodburnings (often using vignettes out of his sketchbook) are subtle, beautiful, intricate and other-worldly. Meet the woodburnings of Topher Sipes :

This one is my absolute favorite.

I would love to have one of Ziggy with all this negative space. And speaking of Zig--

Jo on the Go just happens to be her favorite end-destination of morning dog walks. She showed up for the install, that crazy betch!

My work is kinda tricky. See, I already have the majority of my work up at the Honors building Lampasas for the Cartography of the Mind show, and my serigraphs were given away for Christmas presents... leaving me with only these tiny sculptures I made last semester. To my surprise, it was so appropriate to install them since, well, they just so happen to be coffee filters dipped in plaster. Anything else put up at a coffee shop show couldn't have been more perfect.

But I didn't just want to put up the plaster objects. I wanted to utilize the space of Jo on the Go, which encourages so much thought-provoking conversation in the tiny, intimate shop. So I started sewing, and I ended up with my newest, hot-off-the-press series called City of Dreams.

City of Dreams started when I thought of the reasons why I love this tiny college town. For me, it all boils down to the river. I came to college at Texas State solely because I loved the San Marcos river going through the campus. Some of my favorite memories involve my dad bringing us kids back to the town of his alma mater and showing us how to jump in Sewell Park's waters. And our family always craves being at a close proximity to water, what with our lake house and beach trips and river campings. Here at Jo on the Go, its coffee drinkers always are talking to one another about the local loves of the town. I decided to make handmade books to go with this sewn, soon-to-be pillow entitled Stream of Consciousness. The written-down thoughts in the books provided of everyone who interacts will soon be hand-sewn on the Stream of Consciousness pillow, and it will be the San Marcos part of City of Dreams series.

Here are the handmade books. Above them are some prompts I made for everyone to respond to in the books. The prompts all involve the San Marcos river. I hope there is some, if not a shit ton, of participation... that way, when the show comes down, I will have a more than enough of San Martian's thoughts to sew on this pillow for City of Dreams.

I'm planning a huge trip to Italy and Bosnia for this summer, and this project sparked some ideas in my head. San Marcos is a great town to start a project like this, so what if I approached some of the locals outside of Florence and in tiny towns outside of Sarajevo just like I have here at Jo on the Go? The river is a source of inspiration that has shaped everyone who resides here. I am interested in what other resources shape different towns around the world, and how they respond. Expect more pillows with the hand-sewn thoughts of its citizens coming up from me in the near future. I'll keep you all updated.

I hope all you San Martians can make the show! And please put your thoughts and wisdoms in Stream of Consciousness. It comes down the last day of February.