Best chana masala yet.

A link for you all to my radio play, Best chana masala yet, written and recorded in the spring of 2010:


This work came upon making from many things I gotta shout out. Firstly, I was taking an honors class of playwriting taught by the lovely John Hood and fell back in love with writing scripts like I used to when I was a kid. Secondly, I was going to miss the final due to my early departure to Europe so I knew I needed to make something that would equal the weight of an exam. Thirdly, I wanted to use my production skills I learned from KTSW and feature something like this-- a radio drama-- on my very last radio show of Off the Record. Huge, huge project, and I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of John Hood my professor with the love of radio dramas, John Spain my co-host who did most of the editing, Barry Walker the love of my life featured in the play as the guitar, and the actors I met by fate, Travis Emery and Allison Gregory--both BFA Theater graduates of Texas State. And whoa, hello, Dan and Charlie from KTSW who allowed me to air this on Off the Record on 89.9. This was something totally different that KTSW, the honors program and hell, all the collaborators had no idea what to expect. The play is based in a small village of India and illustrates a traveling couple who stumble upon a strange, magical restaurant. Hope you guys enjoy... and for the record, if you'd like to hear any other radio shows of Off the Record's stunning semester this spring, enjoy them here, on my brother Clayton's website of his high-quality audio recordings of all my shows. So much love to all who inspire me to keep digging and pulling up roots.


note to self:

i am at a loss of words here. i havent been the updating queen blog bee that i was in my travels two years ago... a girls gotta grow up sometime, i guess. i have been on the road since the first week of may, catching planes and trains and ferries and automobiles around europe once again. scanning six countries with two more to go... i started in my second tongue with my spanish speaking getting less rusty in spain. skip ahead a few days when we scaled the entire country of france in one day, reminding me that i still need to sit down and learn how to pronounce those words. then munich and berlin opened their arms to my brothers and i, even though all we know how to say is "danke" and "bitte" and "bier." i flew to italy and stayed in the city i love, florence, by myself in all that solitude. jessica met up with me a week later where we saw cinque terre and hopped a ferry to croatia where we woke up not knowing the language or culture or anything as we got off the boat. and now, i sit here in tuzla, bosnia... its definitely getting more and more surreal. to think that i met a bosnian accordian player two years ago who is a janitor in a houston elementary school now but used to be a professor of physics in his hometown before the war... meeting him and other friends who love this country so much have brought me here today, and i almost cannot describe this experience now in words. a loss in translation... here i am, trying to soak everything in. i thought being in florence by myself was doing wonders to my soul... and now im just not even sure what else is in store to shape me.

i will write more when i get home in a few weeks, but this is just to say that all this traveling and translating and exchanging does exponential wonders to me than anything ive ever experienced before. i question my existence, my upbringing, my love for life... a dejavu just hit me, and all i can do is thank the travel gods for giving me this opportunity to meet such great people in my life that span the globe and open so many doors for me. i have to somehow give back from all these positive vibrations bouncing off me. i must.