word association

al and leon to at land


mirar: to look


Elizabeth Cotten, "Freight Train"

Daniel Johnston, "Some Things Last a Long Time"

Elizeth Cardoso, "Ingratidao"

that one jam on Ghost World's beginning credits

The Lost Lockets, dear friends from Portland

This incredible dance of Baba Yaga, by Matt Hislope-- I saw this at the short fringe @ Frontera Fest a couple weeks ago... TRULY truly inspirational

BABA YAGA from thereman on Vimeo.

come se dice el palabra "absorb?"

Marnie, extended.

Dear Cyberspace and Bloggers alike,

Marnie lives! I got picked up by TRANSIT, a cooperative artist residency and space started in San Antonio for artists in transition from university to the professional art realm {their facebook info is found here}. There will be more evenings yet to come of The Marnie Tape!! Here is the info...

Transit presents Kellen Stanley and the show REWOUND: Krapp's Last Tape vs. The Marnie Tape !!! The evenings will be held at Transit {1907 S. St Mary's, San Antonio TX 78201} on Wednesday, March 23, Friday March 25, and Saturday March 26th. The event is featuring a double bill of the plays The Marnie Tape next to what influenced the most, Krapp's Last Tape {written by Samuel Beckett, directed by myself, and debuting the brilliant poet John Parm as the one-man show performance}. It will also feature a video installation of the Marnie Tape VHS on loop. Info on San Antonio's Contemporary Art Month (CAM) can be found HERE! and uh... MORE INFO IS A'COMING!

So I've been too busy of a girl-- rehearsals for Krapp have started up and I cannot be more excited for the evenings to come at Transit. I thought, after the performances at Texas State played out, that something was still missing. This is a way to really punctuate this work of art.

The only changes being made to Marnie will be, sadly, Faith and her accordion will be replaced with, excitingly!, the soothing sounds of artist/musician Jeremy White! Faithy's having a baby in the month of March so congrats to her and Sean, and welcome baby Luke Basil!!

That's all the news I got for the time being, y'all. Save the dates above if you are wanting to see the Marnie/Krapp tape in full-- more info about tickets and prices later.

and be looking at the ole youtube purdy soon-- im gonna be updating and uploading, up selling, upfrontin'... you know the drill